About Us

We are a collective of filmmakers, bound by a shared passion for capturing moments and telling stories.

We understand that light, in its simplest form, is electromagnetic energy. As we work with that energy, we must remain aware of the fact that this same electromagnetic force courses through us daily.

As the light around us fluctuates in intensity, color, and direction, our spirit fluctuates according to our thoughts, words and actions. How we feel shapes our lives, just as light shapes the emotion in a photograph or film.

We believe that the best way to capture life's essence with the tools we've spent years learning how to use, is not only to shape the light outside of us, but to focus the light within us.

We are Cinematic Spirits.

Caylin Lancione

Cinematographer / Photographer.

"I love meeting new people and discovering ways to use cameras and light to tell their stories. I feel that the passion for storytelling is a beautiful gift and I want to spend the rest of my time here using that gift to help others capture the things that matter most."


Tristan Armstrong

Cinematographer / Photographer.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee Tristan has traveled the world as a camera operator for multiple musicians and entertainers, and continues to operate as a freelance DP and photographer.

Tristan found his love for film-making at the young age of seven, on the set of One Tree Hill in Wilmington, NC.

Watching so many cast and crew work countless hours to bring a vision to life developed a passion for film that would only grow stronger with time.


Kyle Woodiel


An alumni of the Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Colorado Film School, Kyle has produced content for clients such as Bud Light, Beats by Dre, the Denver Broncos, and the Colorado Rockies (among many others).

At the age of 26, Kyle produced his first internationally distributed feature film "The Creep Behind the Camera". His experience includes running a Colorado based production company and producing in-game entertainment and on-air promotion for the Colorado Rockies.


George Heras


George Heras is a Bronx native residing in Los Angeles.

George's industry experience includes Second Unit Director on multiple feature films, production coordinating for Complex Network and FuseTV, and the ongoing management of his own post-production company.

George's editorial production credits include commercial fashion films for Vanity Fair, Vogue and Saint Laurent, as well as multiple music videos and independent films.


Sam Woods-Corr

I love to explore new worlds and synthesize the human condition into something meaningful for the folks back home. I find myself constantly out of my element, among strangers, and with my passion for screenwriting and telling stories, I’m able to listen and showcase all walks of life from all over the world so that people can learn from me just as I’ve learned from the strangers I now call friends.

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Nick Stroia

Graphic Designer.

"Howdy there. Nick's the name. I'm a designer and illustrator out of the Midwest who draws his inspiration from the artifacts, advertising, and americana of the good ol' days. To me, nothing beats working with your hands in this technology-rich age, and I want that to translate into my design process. So I draw, erase, draw some more, and then digitize. When in my studio you'll usually find a pipe in my mouth, a coffee in my hand, or me eating pistachios like they're going out of style."


Tom Lucero

Audio Engineer.

I have always found audio to be the most crucial element in any project. Chances are if there is an unintended sound, your ears will identify it faster than your eyes will spot visual inconsistency.

My goal as an audio engineer is to deliver the cleanest final product possible to my clients. My hope is to create a sonic environment that compliments the visual, and allows the audience to completely lose themselves in the story.


Josh Rish


A passionate photographer, musician, father and husband, Rish found his calling in telling the passion-filled stories of others through his images.

"As an artist, my mission is to capture special moments in time."

Josh has been shooting live music & events, weddings, and musician & lifestyle portraits for several years and travels frequently across the Southeastern USA.


Japser Meddock


My number one goal in all the work I do is to create videos that make you feel something. When I'm spending the day shooting with you, I will often get goosebumps and feel the excitement and anticipation that you're feeling, and when I edit the videos, I'm making sure that those feelings get translated into lasting memories for you to watch over and over again.


Taylor P. Hawkins


Taylor is a passionately driven director and cinematographer. After leaving film school in favor of real world experience, Taylor worked at refining himself as a person and his art as a whole. His profoundly visual and yet nuanced style of storytelling compels his viewers to slow down and consider themselves, others, and the world they inhabit.