But What Are We...Really?

Everything in this universe is energy. Electromagnetic energy to be exact. There is no distinction between energy and physical matter, for all matter is composed of energy. We are electromagnetic energy animating a physical body of flesh and bone, yet physical energy all the same. We are quantum, just like the electrons that make up our flesh and bone. The heart beats according to a rhythm, pulsing blood (energy) through our bodies, and the brain synthesizes oscillating waves of energy (frequency) into a holographic reality, and we live that reality. So shape yours how you want it, not how the world wants it.


The Gateway Experience & Consciousness

It may surprise some of you that we have completely understood the "Spirit" (or consciousness) in terms of science since 1983. In 2003, the United States government declassified a report from 1983 in which US Army Lieutenant Colonel Wayne McDonnell briefed the US Army Operational Group Commander at Fort Meade, MD on his findings after working with the Robert Monroe Institute to understand how the teachings of several of humanity's "Ascended Masters" were validated by the findings of scientists in the context of quantum physics, biology, and real world application.

McDonnell presents the evidence from several experiments on the multidimensional, energetic nature of human beings, including Biofeedback, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, and Transcendental Meditation. I urge you to read this document, and to procure the guided HemiSync Meditations from the Monroe Institute (or for those who can't afford to purchase these tapes digitally from the institute or second-hand via ebay or other retailers, to at least use a streaming service such as Spotify or YouTube to locate 4-8hz Theta wave playlists, which are a key component of heightened awareness). It is very real, and it is a beautiful representation of how science and spirituality coincide, and their individual truths actually reinforce their collective truth. I have always believed that science and faith were not mutually exclusive, and that with deeper understanding, we would someday find their beautiful convergence.

The tl;dr version, for those of you with no desire to read the 26 document PDF in its entirety:

The brain is a computer that synthesizes energy wavelengths into perceivable (vision, touch, smell, reaction) experiences, processed cognitively by the Left Brain, and fed to the Right Brain as physical impulses, affecting the Central Nervous Sytem, and thus shaping our reality.

1983/2003 US Department of the Army - Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process

1983/2003 Department of the Army - Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process

Creation / God / Infinity

Musicians, electricians, camera people, and those with a general thirst for scientific knowledge may need much less of an explanation of the above image, but for those wondering what it means, again, here is the short version...

Everything. I mean everything, is energy. Thoughts, movement, words or sounds emitted...all of it is energy, and it all flows as a wavelength of frequency. This has been demonstrated in so many ways in our lifetime, yet without deeper exploration (or explanation), we miss this simple fact. If you're starting to wonder if energy relates to positivity and negativity in the same context as positive and negative numbers, you're on the right track. Higher frequencies relate to a higher intensity of light radiation, just as they relate to a higher state of emotional being (yes, happiness over the alternative). Lower vibrational frequencies relate to a lower intensity (level) of light, love, and positive emotion.

This is why it's so important to align yourself with thoughts, situations, and other beings that are vibrating at a high frequency (read: beings of light, positive emotions, etc.) rather than the opposite. Just like The Law of Attraction and the subsequent writings of so many people on manifesting a positive/successful course in life, the choices we make in terms of what frequency to live our lives on will determine our reality.

That being said, the "Absolute" or "Infinite Void" (also known as Zero Point Energy) is essentially God or Creation. It is where we come from, and where we return to, energetically speaking. This is backed up by the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states that the energy in any system is conserved over time. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but transferred.

The Absolute (Infinity) is the quantum space in which all energy exists in every possible space that it could, much like an electron in quantum physics. It is only at the point that this energy is observed (i.e. under microscope, or in our brain's reality, aka belief).

This frequency of infinite potential is the God that all world mythology and religion speaks of. It is the space from which our spirit/consciousness originates, and eventually returns to be recycled. Contrary to the man-made scriptures and books of modern religion, our ancestors believed in, and lived their lives according to a belief in reincarnation, and science backs this up for those not interested in trusting the less-publicized works of humans from the past. For those interested, Original Christianity, Original Yoga is a wonderful resource that explains this and ties in the similarities between Eastern and Western religion.

The implication here is that we exist in an extremely "Lite" one-dimensional reality, in comparison to our true multi-dimensional nature, which is typically experienced by humans only prior to birth and subsequent to death.

The Gateway Experience is validation of those who have sought more, and discovered that we can in fact, "click out" into the dimensions from which our physical life on Earth is so far removed.


Living as a Lightworker

In addition to the (perhaps greater) implication that we, as humans, can literally create our reality by shaping our perception (thus directing our brain's synthesis of energy and controlling the energy we emit into our world), another implication of the truth that everything in existence is energy is that we are beings of light. This is where the term lightworker comes from...actively choosing to shape our light and send it to the beings around us, rather than allowing the world around us to push us into darkness, or simply allowing darkness to dim our light.

We wear this term affectionately, to say the least. The term Cinematic Spirit embodies the fact that we are awakened beings who not only work with our internal light, but literally shape light to tell stories using cameras. Our work with photography and video production (cinematography) is not differentiated by a price nobody can beat (or only a rare few clients can afford) or some unique style that no one else can duplicate, but by the fact that we operate at a higher level of awareness when we serve our clients. This includes a more cohesive understanding of our client's vision, and resonance at a higher frequency. We come from a place of understanding, compassion, and love (light) in all that we do. There is no room for judgement, condemnation or disinterest when we tell stories. We are here to connect with other humans and to help them capture moments and share ideas, effectively immortalizing the experiences of mortals as they are stored (via wavelengths of energy...seeing the theme here?) in time via digital or print media.

Okay, I'll stop pitching the brand to you, and get to the bigger picture:

You have full control of how you shape your reality, and more importantly, full control of whether you cast light or darkness onto the beings you interact with in this existence.