What is it to Love?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines love in several ways but perhaps my favorite is unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

Of course this definition fails to include many of the basic terms we think of when we think "love", but I believe that it is a solid and truthful description of what it is to truly love someone because it specifically mentions a lack of selfishness and the necessity to be loyal and have genuine concern for someone else. If you want to love someone unconditionally, you're going to need to drop your ego and be ready to have someone else's back no matter how crazy things get.

Now, having someone else's back no matter how crazy things get does not mean you watch them like a hawk 24-7 or interrupt their life every time something seems difficult. I am not telling you that loving another person means you have to save them from everything, now until the end of time! First of all, you always have to take care of self first, not because you are selfish but because you realize that you are no good to anyone else if your self becomes comprised in terms of health or well-being. So always keep your own life in check, first. Also, many things that happen to us have significant purpose and are meant for us in this life, so there are times when "your person" may go through something uncomfortable and you want to stop it and save them from any pain, but really you just need to let them be, and they will grow from the experience that is taking place.

What I mean by having someone's back is simply just caring for someone enough that you are willing to listen gently, help, or advise them at any time. You are here to be a blessing to them, never a problem. The amount of couples I see daily that fight or say mean things to each other is astounding, and always blows my mind. If you're going to be with someone, you should always be happy enough with them to get through any difficulties on the same team as them. It blows my mind when I see couples fighting because I don't understand how you can view someone as your life partner, your favorite person, and then be mad at them...really though, like how can you be mad at someone you love?

So, to love someone, in my opinion, does include that you offer your entire personality and physical body up to someone, but it also includes that you care for this person as another human being and take care of their physical safety and emotional needs to the best of your ability, without messing with their path or taking too much of a hand in what should be their life.

That is nowhere near as concise of a definition as I wanted, but that's my real opinion.

“The most basic need a soul has is to experience unconditional love and acceptance.”

Love as a Necessity

This is a paragraph about why love is absolutely necessary to the human. Body, psyche, emotion, passion.

You can make changes in your life day after day to feel full. Some of them work. Some things in life bring us pure positivity, joy and contentment...but love makes them all that much better when you have it.

When you don't? Man...life is beautiful but were we meant to live it alone?